Neil LoRe

Composer, Teacher, Performer

I offer instruction on Piano, beginning Guitar, Music Theory, and Songwriting for people of all ages. Contact me to discuss your musical aspirations. I cater lessons to the needs of the student and personalize the method to make the most of your talents. See the Contact page for inquiries. Let's make some music!

I've been teaching privately most of my adult life but most consistently over the last 20 years. In that time not many a week has gone by where I didn't see 20 or more students. I love it! And the students can tell. Enthusiasm can be a great teacher. I have much success with students and have seen many go on to a lifetime of musical enjoyment and many who are now in the music industry in a variety of capacities.

I actively study teaching methods in order to be as effective as possible and I absolutely love music theory (especially Jazz theory, a limitless dimension). Although I like to start with a traditional lesson approach (theory, finger exercises, method books) I mix in contemporary music that the students enjoy, songwriting exercises, chord analyses, theme-based awards and prizes, and more. Music can be pure joy but of course it takes dedication and hard work. How much work depends on your goals. Let's talk about it!

As a young boy and teenager I studied with Helen Berta (Classical) and Peter Viani (Jazz); from those beginnings began a life-long dedication to composition, study, and performance. I've played in rock groups, doo-wop groups, in duos and trios, as a solo artist, and as an accompanist. I bring my professional experience to the lessons in fun, interesting, and effective ways.

I teach a variety of styles: Traditional, Classical, Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock, Contemporary Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Progressive/Art-Rock, Boogie-Woogie, Ragtime, and more.