Neil LoRe

Composer, Teacher, Performer

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Here's just a bit about me, there's more, but it's tricky to write about oneself without sounding too serious, so I'll try to be brief and add bits and pieces over time. It's really about the music, not me.

I'm originally from New York City (can you tell?) and my greatest love, aside from Patty, has always been composing, performing, and recording music (you'll find a collection of my work in the Music section). It's what I do with much of my time and I'm always happy writing and playing, knowing that I'm doing what I should be doing. Music is way more than entertainment or pastime for me, it's an insatiable desire to create and immerse; so strong that I become downright unpleasant when I'm away from the work for too long.

I sing and play a variety of instruments including piano, guitar, bass, and drums so I can realize a song pretty quickly on my own. My compositions are typically written & recorded in my studio without too much outside help. Occasionally I ask folks to sit in on a track, here or there, but mostly I create the material from the ground up myself. Writing music is hard to explain, but songs take on a life of their own and with me the outcome is better with a meditative type of concentration and few distractions -- Not that I don't enjoy playing with other musicians, of course :-).

Where the music comes from is a mystery (but the source of the lyrics is pretty clear) and when the first few ideas appear it gets very exciting. The excitement and joy hasn't waned over the years, it keeps getting better, and as the songwriting and production quality improves (hopefully) the songs become more listenable. I have a backlog of over 50 with new songs coming along pretty I have a lot of work to do! 

I'm also a private music instructor and have been teaching piano and music theory for most of my adult life. It gives me great satisfaction to bring music to people of all ages. When I took lessons as a young student, lesson time was sacred time; I try to share that wonder and magic with all of my students. The reward of knowing that I've helped hundreds of students discover how music can enrich their daily lives goes beyond words; I only know it's a good thing for the world when someone picks up an instrument, sings, and makes music. Certainly beats many of the alternatives.


As a solo artist and as a band leader I've released a number of albums including: ‘In the Grand Dream’, the 2012 nine-composition solo piano collection; 'Decade 2001-2011' a collection of songs in the introspective style for which I've become known; ‘Foreverywhere’, the 2001 album that charted locally (No. 8) with the song ‘Draw the Line’ and which includes the trippy cover of Lennon's ‘Dear Prudence’; ‘One Life’ the 1994 debut solo-album, and a few others.

I've had the privilege to play with a variety of gifted artists, some internationally known: The Del Vikings, Louis Lymon, Jimmy Moschello (The Elegants), Brad Delp (Boston), Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal (Guns 'n Roses), Evoken,  Joe Holaday (The Fools); and others local: Sympatico, Mindzeye, Sluggo, The Paladins, Jodee Frawlee (Starr Faithfull), Wilder Road, The Hat, Desolate Highway, and others.

I have several new song collections in the works (what else is new) including: ‘Six Degrees from Sanity’, a concept album with a futuristic look at climate change; it includes the songs ‘Lord of the Arctic (Brando’s song)' and ‘Water’ (see the Music page for samples), 'How To Live A Good Life' a collection of songs for children that teach a love and appreciation for the natural world; songs about animals, gardens, clear air & water, and personal responsibility will be featured, and last but not least, a new collection of songs titled 'An Infinite Number of Infinitely Small Pieces'.

For fun I appeared on the Vitamin label album 'A Lounge Below', a cocktail send-up of songs from the group 'Outkast'. You should be able to find it on-line (not authorized to post it here). 

See the Music page for a wide variety of music on mp3 audio. High resolution versions can be purchased through CD Baby for the albums 'In the Grand Dream (also on iTunes)' and 'Foreverywhere'; for high resolution versions of other songs/albums please contact me directly for now, at least until I have high resolution audio uploaded to the Store section of this site (under construction).

I'm currently based in Worcester, Massachusetts, with my lovely and talented wife of 30+ years, Patty, a gifted photographer, gardener, and artist; and several cats, of course, presently Missy and Freckles.  

A link to Patty's photography website is provided here> Patty LoRe

I hope you enjoy the music, styles range from instrumental piano to introspective singer-songwriter ballads to art-rock and other variations. 

Thanks for taking some time and checking out the site, feel free to get in touch with any questions, comments, or suggestions. I'd love to hear from you and about your work, interests, and passions.

Peace and Love,

Neil LoRé

26 April 2016


Photographer: Patty LoRe

Musician: Neil LoRe