Neil LoRe

Composer, Teacher, Performer

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With Other Artists

by Various Artists

Written by Neil LoRe: 'Limoncello', 'Never Without Your Love', 'The Shadow', 'Keeps Me Dreaming', 'Dreams Etched In Lies', and  'Give From Within'

Written by Vin Moschello: "Joe's Run" (Neil on Keys, Vin on Guitars/Mandolin, Pete Mitchell on Bass, and Sal Glorioso on Drums)

Written by Neil LoRe and Mindzeye: 'Running' and 'The Child Inside'

Written by Julie Liberatore and Neil LoRe: 'Can't Hold A Memory' and 'Crystal Ball'

Written by Tony Garofalo: 'This Is Me' and 'Think I'll Just Go Away'

Written by The Paladins: 'Out On The Fringe'