Neil LoRe

Composer, Teacher, Performer

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Decade 2001-2011

by Neil LoRé

All songs © 2011-2016 Neil LoRé

Eye of the Mind Records

Catalogue no. 333 337

Scroll down to see all the individual songs or click on the album cover PLAY control to play the whole album. Here's a bit about the songs:

'Enid' is an ode to the lead character in the movie 'Ghost World'. Enid is a young girl (played by Thora Birch) who is coming of age and not fitting in all that well. Wonderful, quirky movie that also features Scarlett Johansson and Steve Buscemi as main characters.

'A Girl That I Remember' speaks to the bond or infatuation that can develop with characters in books, movies, plays, shows, etc. as if they were known and real to us. A testament to how good writers and actors can be.

'Live by the Gun' and 'Invest in the Future', need no explanation if you listen a bit. Nice Violin work by Dan Villani on 'Invest in the Future'.

'An Ocean Away' was pitched to a TV Network for a show spotlighting an army surgeon (female) based in modern day Iraq and the obvious challenges her work presents. It wasn't picked up but I got a cool song out of it!

'Imaginary Jesus' takes us to a world where religion and ideology are weapons. That world, I'm afraid, is here now. The song is by no means an insult to Jesus or an attempt to take anything away from the amazing individual Jesus must have been. Quite the contrary. The song is directed toward the misguided individuals who use Jesus (or any other spiritual figure or dogma) as justification to: A. Perpetuate hatred and war; B. Take rights and liberties away from others with no justification in reality; or C. Claim to know the mind of a god or a supernatural being and expect me to believe it on face value. I can safely say that I do not receive that same 'courtesy' (nor would I want or expect to) when I bring up UFOs, Illuminati, Bigfoot, or the latest Elvis sighting.

'Too Many People'...ya think? Occupancy of more than 8 billion people is dangerous and unlawful...

'Love Has Gone Away' it does sometimes.

'Let's Go Flying' is about another kind of flying, the transcendental, spiritual kind. 

'The Real Questions'. OK, I'm an armchair Quantum Physics devotee. I can explain Relativity to some degree and I keep up with String theory as best I can (10 dimensions now?). But every discovery in Physics seems to lead us closer to the notion that the universe is some sort of hologram. Really? That gives me the creeps...thus the song.